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Folk art in any country of the world is original and unique. The creative imagination of people sometimes gives birth to extraordinary images. The Polish village of Zalipie is a fine example of such decorative art created by ordinary villagers. It is located 100 kilometers north-east of Krakow and is known for its long-lasting tradition of painting cottages, barns, wells, and also interiors with colorful floral motifs, crepe-paper flowers, paper-cut designs, and hay spiders. It all began when the housewives living in Zalipie began decorating their homes with floral ornaments, turning them into the real works of art. There is no definite pattern, every housewife draws as her imagination and fantasy tell her. This tradition has been cherished in the Powisle Dabrowskie region since the end of the 19th century. If you wish to see a place where folk art is still alive and visible around every corner, visit this fairytale village!

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