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Gniezno Old Town Gniezno Cathedral interior Gniezno Gniezno Cathedral

Probably, there is no person in Poland who would not know the legend of the founding of the Polish state. And it goes like this: three brothers - Lech, Czech, and Rus, traveled together. Czech moved to the south, Rus - to the east. Both of them built their states there. Lech, on the other hand, founded the capital of his state on the site of a tree with a white eagle's nest. In its honor, he named the castle Gniezno (in Polish the name derives from the word "nest" - "gniazdo"). This is how the first capital of Poland appeared on the map, according to the legend. In fact, the beginnings of Gniezno date back to the 10th century. It was the seat of the first Polish rulers from the Piast dynasty. It is in the Gniezno Cathedral that the Polish sovereign Boleslaw Chrobry got crowned in 1025, becoming the first Polish king. Even though the Polish capital was moved to Krakow in 1039, Gniezno was the venue for royal coronations till the 14th century. Visit this magnificent city full of Polish history and feel the spirit of the early Middle Ages!

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