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Stutthof Nazi Camp

The Nazi camp at Stutthof was established for civilians on 2 September 1939. Then, it turned into a special labor camp and finally into a concentration camp. The moment the German Nazis invaded Poland, massive arrests of Poles in the Free City of Danzig started. Only in the first few days of the war approx. 1500 people were arrested. Nearly 125 000 prisoners from 13 European countries were kept there. 85 000 were killed. Stutthof served mainly for extermination of the most aware and patriotic people, mainly from the educated circles from Gdansk. The victims of arrests were people active in social and economical life, activists and members of Polish organisations.

Stutthof was the first Nazi camp on Polish territory and the last to be liberated. On the site you will see permanent exhibitions with documentary films concerning the time of the Nazi ocupation. The museum is enormous and covers about 20 hectares. One of its most important monuments is the partially preserved Old Camp, the “Death Gate”, gas chamber, a brick-built headquarters and garages, vegetable gardens and the commandant’s villa. The memorial area also includes a reconstruction of the crematoria. Collected and stored post-camp archives are especially abundant. The State Stutthof Museum is now located at the campsite, featuring relics of the past.

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