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Former Nazi command bunkers \ Former Nazi command bunkers in Konewka \'Anlage Mitte\' bunkers \'Anlage Mitte\' in Konewka

Former Nazi command bunkers "Anlage Mitte" in Konewka

One of the German Army’s war command centres – “Anlage Mitte”, built in 1941. It is located in the close vicinity of Spala and Tomaszow Mazowiecki. The largest object of this bunker complex is a ferroconcrete railroad shelter. It is 380-metre long and was intended for sheltering a train of the staff officers. Nowadays the shelter contains exhibitions illustrating the history of this site, miniatures of German shelters and baggage trains, military equipment, guns and vehicles from World War II. The complex also includes other ferroconcrete shelters for: generator, boiler room, water-pumping room, well, water cooler and fuel tank. You can walk through the 80-metre underground tunnel connecting the train shelter with the generator shelter.  “Anlage Mitte” is one of the biggest examples of military architecture in Poland. If you want to see other WW2 related places in Poland, check Mamerki bunkers and Wolf's Lair.

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