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Kornik castle Kornik castle interior Castle of Kornik Kornik castle near Poznan

Kornik castle

Kornik Castle was first built in the 15th century as a knightly fortress. The defensive walls and cellars are a reminder of that period. In 1574 the castle hosted Henry III Walezy – the King of France and the King od Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The castle belonged to several aristocratic families. The Dzialynski noble family, who owned it from 17th till the end of 19th century, introduced many innovations to the building. A powerful magnate Teofila Działynska particularily contributed into the growth of both Kornik town and the castle itself. She had the castle rebuilt in the baroque style and founded the French garden. According to popular legends, her ghost still haunts the castle as the so called “White Lady“. You will see the portrait of Teofila in the dining room. In the 19th century, Tytus Działynski rebuilt the castle in the neo-Gothic style and founded the Kornik Arboretum – the largest one in Poland and fourth largest in Europe. The last magnate owner of the castle was Wladyslaw Zamoyski. In 1920 he set up the Kornik Foundation, so that the castle, especially its library could be of benefit for the local community. Since 1952 the castle, including the Kornik Library have been administered by the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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