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Early Piast Residence at Ostrow Lednicki island

Ostrow Lednicki is an island on the Lake Lednica, situated near a route from Poznan to Gniezno. In the Early Middle Ages one of the most important strongholds of the Piast dynasty (the first one to rule Poland) was built here. Nowadays, you can see the remainings of wood and earth defensive ramparts, fragments of coastal fortifications and the remaining parts of wooden bridges. However, the biggest attraction of the island is the remains of the castle itself, built in the second half of the 10th century by Mieszko I from the Piast dynasty - the first souvereign of Poland. Two semi-cross recesses interpreted as fonts were found here, which led many scientists to claim that the baptism of Mieszko I took place here. Also, it was probably here that Bolesław Chrobry - the first crowned Polish ruler, hosted Emperor Otto III, who was making a pilgrimage to St Adalbert’s grave in Gniezno in 1000. You can get to this mysterious island by a ferry. 

Tours including Early Piast Residence at Ostrow Lednicki island

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