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Тур в Волчье логово и Свенту-Липку из Варшавы

Присоединяйтесь к экспедиции по следам Второй мировой войны и посетите бывшую  гитлеровскую штаб-квартиру которую называют Волчье Логово. Здесь Гитлер предпринял много важных решений, а также в июле 1944 года здесь имело место покушение на его жизнь. После осмотра Волчьего Логова мы приглашаем Вам посетить известное польское святилище в городе Святая Липка (Święta Lipka).

Prices from 65 EUR
Up to 8 people
Lunch included
Transportation by car/minibus
English-speaking driver
Hotel pick up
Instant confirmation
Professional guide
Available everyday

StotheN  posted 2019-05-09 on TripAdvisor

Just amazing!  

Robert was the tour driver and the drive from Warsaw to the first stop (Wolf's Lair) was a four hour drive. One pit stop at a local gas station where Robert treated me to a local Polish sweet delicacy. We had started out at 8am and finally reached the Wolf's Lair at noon. A nice lady tour guide took over and walked me over the key installations at the site. Thereafter, I was led to other bunker installations at the Mamerki (one of which was desig ned by Adolf Hitler himself!). We turned back for Warsaw at 3.30pm; reaching at 7pm. Robert was very good company and we had very good discussions about Polish history. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in WW2 history and Polish history in general. I look forward to going on another trip with this tour company.... [read more]


4.95 62 opinions

 You will see:

Wolf’s Lair

Wolf's Lair is Adolf Hitler’s war headquarters where he lived between June 1940 until November 1944. It is located nearby a ... [ read more ]

Swieta Lipka Sanctuary

The famous Polish pilgrimage destination, located at the bottom of a picturesque valley surrounded by forests. You will see one of the most ... [ read more ]

Mamerki bunkersPossible alternative

The Nazi shelters located in Mamerki are one of the best-preserved in Poland. The most important decisions for the Wehrmacht ... [ read more ]

Reszel castleExtension

Castle from 14th century, besieged and gained once by Polish and once by Teutonic forces.  ... [ read more ]

 Tour plan

Этот тур начинается в Варшаве. Наш англоговорящий водитель встретит вас у вашего отеля / апартаментов. Сначала вы посетите Волчье логово. После этого водитель отвезет вас на вкусный традиционный обед в местный ресторан. В Свента-Липке вы посетите известное святилище. Кроме того, вы можете посетить бункеры Мамерки - крупосную ограду нацистских сухопутных войск во время Второй мировой войны. Вы вернетесь в Варшаву около 21:00.


Встреча у вашего отеля / апартаментов в Варшаве

12:00 - 13:30

Посещение Волчьего логова

14:00 - 15:30

Посещение Свента-Липки или Мамерки

16:00 - 17:00



Высадка у вашего отеля / апартаментов в Варшаве

The departure time is estimated and the order and timing may change, to be announced before the tour by email.



/ человек - 8 человек


/ человек - 7 человек


/ человек - 6 человек


/ человек - 5 человек


/ человек - 4 человека


/ человек - 3 человека


/ человек - 2 человека


– 1 человек

 Price includes
  • Транспортировка на машине / микроавтобусе
  • Встреча и высадка у вашего отеля / апартаментов в центре города
  • Англоговорящий водитель (возможны другие языки по предварительному запросу)
  • Англоговорящий экскурсовод в Волчьем логове (возможны другие языки по предварительному запросу)
  • Входная плата в Волчье логово.

Дополнительные услуги:

  • Бесплатный традиционный обед дня (например, вареники, куриный суп или шницель + вода) в местном ресторане
  • Бесплатный Wi-Fi в большинстве наших автомобилей (спросите у водителя)
  • Детское кресло бесплатно (по предварительному запросу)

Цена не включает:

  • Посещение Мамерки - дополнительно 4 евро на человека + 70 евро за экскурсовода


Вместо святилища Свента Липка вы можете посетить бункеры Мамерки - дополнительно 4 евро с человека + 70 евро за экскурсовода.


Прокатитесь на военной машине по Волчьему логову:

Автомобиль БТР-40 - максимум 12 пассажиров / около 30 минут езды - 45 евро за группу

Автомобиль SdKfz 247b - максимум 6 пассажиров / около 30 минут езды - 40 евро за группу



Skoda Superb Limousine

1 - 3 passengers
Included in the price

Skoda Superb Limousine

1 - 3 passengers

Opel Vivaro

1 - 8 passengers
Included in the price

Opel Vivaro

1 - 8 passengers

Mercedes Vito

1 - 7 passengers
+ 80 EUR

Mercedes Vito + 80 EUR

1 - 7 passengers

individually regulated backrests of each seat, more space

Mercedes V-class

1-7 passengers
+ 160 EUR

Mercedes V-class + 160 EUR

1-7 passengers

  • luxurious option, diplomatic standard
  • leather seats, backrest regulation, comfortable suspension
  • ambient lighting system inside
  • the most leg space
  • soft drinks


  • водитель: англоговорящий
  • экскурсовод в Волчьем логове: по умолчанию английский, другие языки по запросу: испанский, русский, итальянский, немецкий, французский


    • Цены и бронирование 
    • Общая информация 
    • Время 
    • Еда 

 Tour map



Mark  posted 2019-10-04 on TripAdvisor

Historic site  

This destroyed headquarters of WW2 Germany is a sad reminder of some German officers attempt to end the war.
A long days travel from Warsaw, (4hrs each way) but worth it for anyone interested in military history & one mans courage to try & save his country. Our guide was great & spoke excellent English it’s just a very long day touring to see it.

Relax27728602420  posted 2019-09-21 on Viator

Great tour  

Przemyslaw was an entertaining guide, we had fun exploring the bunkers and stopping at a local village for lunch.

bjornslaug  posted 2019-08-13 on Viator

Great experience of both dark and bright events in Polish history  

This is a long but rewarding excursion from Warsaw. The Wolfs lair was a huge complex of bunkers in the deep forests of east Prussia, used by Hitler and the German high command as head quarters almost throughout the second world war. Many ominous decisions were made here, like the decision to completely destroy Warsaw as a revenge for the 1944 uprising. This was also of course the place for the attempted assassination of Hitler in the summer of 1 944. The fantastic tour guide Piotr made history come alive with his extensive knowledge of the place and of Polish history. He was receptive and willing to discuss also controversial and disputed topics. Included in the trip was also a lunch at nice restaurant serving traditional Polish food, that really tasted delicious. To top off the trip there was a visit to a beautiful baroque church with a fairy-tale like history. It was also planned by Piotr so that we had an opportunity to listen to a short organ concerto, played on the spectacular organ of the church. This trip is highly recommended.... [read more]

LeisureZootLarry  posted 2019-07-02 on TripAdvisor

Wonderful Experience  

I just returned from a full day trip to Wolfs Lair. Highly recommended! Although a long drive from Warsaw the guide,Piotr,made it seem short. He is very experienced and knowledgeable who can discuss any topic which is brought up. The headquarter complex is much larger than I expected. Also the size of the structures surprised me. Well worth the drive if you are interested in WW2 history. The stop at the church on the way back is a real bonus. The day tour exceeded my expectations! Thank-you Piotr!!... [read more]

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