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Соберитесь в путешествие в достойное восхищения прошлое и пусть ваши глаза насладятся чудесной элегантностью одного из наиболее привлекательных мест в Польше! Казимеж-Дольны - шедевр польской архитектуры эпохи Возрождения, живописно расположенный на берегу реки Висла в окружении холмов и долин.

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Up to 8 people
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xyz  posted 2019-04-18 on TripAdvisor

Kazimierz Dolny  

I enjoyed the tour very much. Jacek,the guide was a very kind and joyful man, he gave his best. Thank you.


4.71 115 opinions

 You will see:

Kazimierz Dolny Old Market Square

The town’s market square is the main point of the town. It features a number of 17th century buildings. Townhouses of Brothers Pr... [ read more ]

Old Jewish Synagogue in Kazimierz Dolny

The community that hugely contributed into Kazimierz Dolny's growth was Jews. You can find many traces of Jewish heritage in Kazimierz Dolny... [ read more ]

Three Crosses Hill

From the Three Crosses Hill you can admire the Vistula river winding through villages, forests and gentle hills.... [ read more ]

Korzeniowy Dol ravine

The Kazmierz Dolny area is well known for its loess ravines which are great to discover. The most popular one is Korzeniowy Dol.&n... [ read more ]

Jewish cemetery "Kirkut" in Kazimierz DolnyPossible alternative

The first Jewish cemetery in Kazimierz Dolny was established at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. The necropolis was located on Lubel... [ read more ]

Zamoyski Palace in KozlowkaExtension

Kozlowka Palace is a fine example of magnate residences in Poland. Zamoyski family was one of the most powerful aristoctatic houses in Polan... [ read more ]

 Tour plan

Этот тур начинается в Варшаве. Наш англоговорящий водитель встретит вас у вашего отеля / апартаментов. Вы посетите Казимеж-Дольны с экскурсоводом. После экскурсии вы вкусно пообедаете в местном ресторане. Затем у вас будет 1 час свободного времени, чтобы лучше узнать город. В это время вы можете сходить за покупками, посмотреть сувениры или просто прогуляться по городу. Вы вернетесь в Варшаву около 20:00.


Встреча у вашего отеля / апартаментов в Варшаве

12:00 - 14:00

Экскурсия в Казимеж-Дольны

14:00 - 15:00


15:00 - 16:00

Свободное время


Высадка у вашего отеля / апартаменов в Варшаве

The departure time is estimated and the order and timing may change, to be announced before the tour by email.



/ человек - 8 человек


/ человек - 7 человек


/ человек - 6 человек


/ человек - 5 человек


/ человек - 4 человека


/ человек - 3 человека


/ человек - 2 человека


- 1 человек


Расширение дворца Козловка - 20 евро с человека + 80 евро за гида во дворце Козловка

Расширенная версия на 3 часа длиннее стандартной экскурсии.

Дворец закрыт по понедельникам и в зимний сезон. 


Skoda Superb Limousine

1 - 3 passengers
Included in the price

Skoda Superb Limousine

1 - 3 passengers

Opel Vivaro

1 - 8 passengers
Included in the price

Opel Vivaro

1 - 8 passengers

Mercedes Vito

1 - 7 passengers
+ 80 EUR

Mercedes Vito + 80 EUR

1 - 7 passengers

individually regulated backrests of each seat, more space

Mercedes V-class

1-7 passengers
+ 160 EUR

Mercedes V-class + 160 EUR

1-7 passengers

  • luxurious option, diplomatic standard
  • leather seats, backrest regulation, comfortable suspension
  • ambient lighting system inside
  • the most leg space
  • soft drinks


  • Водитель: англоговорящий
  • Экскурсовод в Казимеже: по умолчанию английский, другие языки по запросу: испанский, русский, итальянский, немецкий, французский



  • Цены и бронирование 
  • Общая информация 
  • Время 
  • Еда 

 Tour map



Austin R  posted 2019-04-14 on TripAdvisor

Kazimierz Dolny Day Trip  

I had a fabulous experience with this trip. My guide was friendly and had a clean car. She made good conversation in the car ride there, and even respected my decision to sleep for like 94% of the car ride, very nice of her. The town is very pretty, is home to a variety of historical tales, and had a decent amount of tourists. There is much to see, from the history, heights, and cute lil Old Town. Couple of cool things Kazimierz Dolny has:
- Anot her famous Polish dog statue with a story behind it
- It is the origin of a Polish legend regarding a peacock (there is a lot of peacock stuff and souvenirs here)
- Kazimierz Dolny has famous eroded-tunnels that run for a long ways, pretty cool to hike
I highly recommend this tour for people interested in small Polish towns, urban legends, and pretty views. I am using AB Poland Tours again.
... [read more]

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