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TOP 6 places to visit at the Baltic Sea

The holiday season, this moment we’ve all been waiting for all year, has come. It’s high time to plan your summer vacation and choose the best travel destination. Whether you are looking for a hassle-free place to stay, you want to explore new cities or just recharge your batteries lying on the beach, we encourage you to consider the Baltic Sea coast, one of the most incredible locations in the country which attracts millions of visitors each year.

Have a look at our list of the best Baltic resorts you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

TRICITY: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

You can discover these 3 beautiful cities by taking part in our Tricity tour.

Three sister cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot create an urban complex called Tricity – or Trójmiasto in Polish. Each of them offers a truly special holiday experience with a wide range of activities to choose from.

Gdańsk, for example, is a perfect place for art and history lovers. While visiting this beautiful 1000-year old city you should not miss:

  • Royal Route, the most prestigious street in Gdańsk surrounded by historic gates, churches and tenement house
  • Westerplatte peninsula where the Second World War began
  • European Solidarity Centre dedicated to the history of Solidarity movement

Much smaller than Gdańsk, Sopot – known as the summer capital of Poland – also offers innumerable tourist attractions ranging from the wonderful wooden pier, beautiful beach, luxury spas to the Crooked House and Monte Cassino street.

Tourists coming to Gdynia value this young and dynamic city for its beautiful beaches, modern architecture (like Sea Towers – the most recognizable apartment building in Pomerania), interesting museums, amazing landscape and…the highest annual number of sunny days.


Old Town in Gdansk Sopot pier Passenger ship, Gdynia


ŁEBA – the wildest region at the Baltic Sea

Everyone knows that active rest in the bosom of nature can have a beneficial effect on health and well-being. So if you seek calmness and silence, you want to regain strength and enjoy summer holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Łeba would be an ideal place for you.  What distinguishes it from many other coastal towns is:

  • unique microclimate which helps to cure many allergic and skin diseases
  • sandy beaches with dunes that are constantly moving
  • the biggest Jurassic Park Dinosaur in Poland where you can admire the creatures that inhabited our planet million years ago
  • mysterious labyrinth 3D
  • Słowiński National Park inhabited by various wild animals (cormorants, seals, boars)

Leba, Baltic coast Leba, Baltic coast


HEL – real paradise on Earth

Visit Hel and Hel Peninsula with us! Check our proposition: Hel Peninsula from Gdańsk.

City of Hel, located on Hel Peninsula, is another great attraction at the Polish Baltic Sea Coast. Residents of Hel believe that our country begins right here and they are probably right.

This resort offers countless activities for the entire family. We especially recommend:

  • Seal Sanctuary created to provide the medical care for the seals
  • Lighthouse from the 16th century open during summer holiday
  • Fortifications built in the 20th century to protect the coast
  • Protected Coastal Marine Reserve with sandy dunes and coniferous forest

Fishing Museum in Hel Hel


ŚWINOUJŚCIE – the most beautiful beach in Poland

The city of Świnoujście is one of the biggest seaports in Poland and the most popular health resorts with the unique and therapeutic microclimate highly beneficial in the treatment of allergies and skin diseases.

It’s a perfect place for relaxing and beach lovers but the fans of history and architecture will also be pleased. Here are some of the most interesting attractions:

  • the most beautiful, cleanest and largest sandy beach in Poland
  • the highest lighthouse in Poland
  • heritage-listed buildings such as former town hall and gothic churches
  • picturesque SPA park from the 18th century
  • beach promenade – scenic boulevard with different shops and bars along it

Swinoujscie, Baltic coast Swinoujscie, Baltic coast Swinoujscie, Baltic coast


STEGNA – history and relax

Summer is the season when Stegna, small Polish village, turn into modern holiday resort visited by thousands of tourists. Its biggest assets are wide sandy beaches and dunes covered with the local plants and coniferous forest.

But everyone who decide to come to Stegna should also visit Stutthof Museum (around 10 km from Stegna), former concentration camp established in September 1939. More than 85 000 people were brutally murdered by the Nazis in this terrible place. As we can read on the museum’s website: “A visit to Stutthof Museum is recommended for anyone who wishes to learn more about the 20th century history of Gdansk, the growth of fascism in the area and the effects this had on the local population”.

We organise group and private tours to Stutthof Camp. Contact us if you want to see this place.


And last but not least – KOŁOBRZEG

Scenic view seekers will be delighted – Kołobrzeg is without a doubt the most popular and picturesque Polish resort. This amazing city with the history going back a thousand years lures the tourists from the whole world, mainly from Germany and Scandinavia. Apart from its seaside location, therapeutic microclimate and long sandy beach, the travelers appreciate also urban summer activities and historical sites and objects like for instance:

  • one of the largest churches in the region – St. Mary Basilica from the 14th century
  • 19th century town hall
  • 26-meter-tall lighthouse
  • 100-meter-long public pier

Have you already decided where to spend this year’s summer holidays?

Kolobrzeg, Baltic coast Kolobrzeg, Baltic coast Kolobrzeg, Baltic coast


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