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Wroclaw, Market Square
Location: Wroclaw
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A swift journey will take you to the Capital of Culture 2016. Wrocław, the City of 100 Bridges will enchant you with its splendid Gothic Old Town!


Your hotel in Krakow Wroclaw Everyday 9:00 20:00


Wrocław city tour starts with the Old Town, splendidly reconstructed after the II World War, where you can admire a fine example of the Gothic architecture – the Town Hall of Wroclaw. Have a stroll around the Old Town till you reach the inconspicuous building hosting the famous 114-meter wide Racławice Panorama, a painting commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Racławice (4 April 1794), one of the Polish victories during the Kościuszko Insurrection against the Russian army.

If you are not a great fan of the traditional Art, visit the Modern Art Museum situated in a greatly revitalised former air-raid shelter. A café at the top of the shelter gives stunning views over Wroclaw

Did you know that Wrocław is the City of 100 Bridges? Sounds like Amsterdam, doesn’t it? But its most famous bridge is the Tumski bridge cherished by lovers who embellish it with lockers commemorating their love. If you are too tired after the night of craziness, you can get there by boat, admiring the island-city from the deck

To end the tour stop by the Centennial Hall featuring on the UNESCO World Heritage list! Take as many pictures as you want, it is worth it.

This tour starts in Krakow You will be picked up by our English speaking driver from your hotel. Afterwards driver will transfer you to Wroclaw for the lunch in one of the restaurants where mostly locals eat. Then our local guide will take you for private tour around Wroclaw. After the tour you will come back to Krakow around 20:00.


– driver: English

– guide in Wroclaw: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese (other languages on request)


Prices start from 87EUR and they depend on the number of participants. We are trying to have as many travelers at one time, from different hotels in Krakow, in order to give you better price.


87EUR/person – 8 people

93EUR/person – 7 people

100EUR/person – 6 people

110EUR/person – 5 people

125EUR/person – 4 people

150EUR/person – 3 people

110EUR/person – 2 people

360EUR – 1 person

+ 25% private car (Toyota/Opel – you do not share a car with other participants)


+ 40% VIP package (private tour by premium car)

  • private car (you do not share a car with other participants)
  • premium car (Mercedes Vito or similar)
  • soft drinks
  • private guide in Wroclaw

Price includes:

  • transportation by car/minibus
  • pick up from your hotel
  • English speaking driver
  • English speaking guide

  • Please let us know if you have any serious health issues so that we know how to react in case of emergency.


FAQ Wroclaw tour from Krakow


    How much does the tour cost?
    It depends on the number of participants. We are trying to have as many travelers for each tour as possible. We gather the group so even if you are alone and there are 7 other people you pay only 87EUR. However, if there are e.g. 3 people including you the price is 150EUR

    Why I have to pay 360 euros if the price starts from 87 euros?
    This is the price for one person if only one person goes for the tour. If we have more people for a tour the price decreases accordingly to the number of participants.

    Do I need to pay a deposit?
    No, you don’t need to pay a deposit. You will pay to the driver in cash (EUR or PLN). Please note that driver does not have terminal to accept payments with the credit cards.

    How to book the tour?
    To order the tour please fill the form in our website or send us e-mail, and we will contact you shortly, you can also call us at +48 604 704 685.


    How many people maximum can join the tour?
    There is no maximum, if there is 8 people or more the price will be 87EUR

    Is it possible to do the tour alone?
    Yes, if you are the only one person for the tour and there is no other participants the price will be 360EUR

    We are a group of 5 persons, do we have to join with others customers?
    You can but you do not have to. You can have a private tour just for your group or join other travelers as long as we have other bookings for the chosen day.


    When will I know the hour of the departure?
    If you order a private tour the starting time is usually 9AM but for your special wish we can change it.
    If you join the group we will confirm the starting time 1 day before by e-mail and sms if you had provided us your phone number.

    How long is the road trip? 
    The travel from Krakow to Wroclaw is about 3,5h.

    How long does Wroclaw tour take?
    The Wroclaw tour takes 3h.

  • FOOD

    Do you provide breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    No, we do not provide but you will have some time to have lunch break.


    I want to stay in Wroclaw after tour, is it possible?
    Yes, it is possible, please contact us for more details. Please specify if you want us to book hotel or any other services for you.

    Do we have free time in Wroclaw?
    Yes there is some free time, depending on the traffic on the road, usually about 30-60 minutes.




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