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Try traditional Polish vodka in one of the best Warsaw restaurants with traditions.

Let us organize for you unforgettable evening where you feel the power of Polish vodka!

Polish vodka tasting (the most famous Polish vodkas):

  • Wyborowa Exquisite
  • Wyborowa standard
  • Wiśniówka
  • Żubrówka
  • Orzechówka
  • Cytrynówka
  • Chopin
  • Belvedere

  • Price: 60PLN (15 EUR)/person for 4 shots of 20ml each


Regional vodka tasting (vodkas from different regions of Poland, niche products, known only in Poland):

  • miodula staropolska
  • zozworówka
  • tarninówka
  • litworówka

  • Price: 84PLN (21 EUR)/person for 4 shots

Vodka tasting can be booked only with food tasting. Combine your vodka tasting with food tasting ! Click here for details!


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