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Fall in love with Krakow’s wonderfully preserved Old Town and Wawel Castle! Feel the vibes of Kazimierz, the old Jewish district with its unique atmosphere. Do not forget to try “zapiekanka” (typical Polish snack, the best in Poland is in Kazimierz).

We offer 3 types of tours:

3-hour route

During this tour our guide will show the main sight of Krakow – the Old Town. Wander around the Main Market Square and admire the Renaissance Sukiennice, the Cloth Hall, once a major centre of international trade. If you wander long enough, you will hear the famous trumpet signal, Hejnał Mariacki, played from the top of the Saint Mary’s Basilica to commemorate the 13th-century Tatar attack. Do not forget to enter the Saint Mary’s Basilica and see the awe-inspiring wooden altarpiece carved expertly by Veit Stoss.

Have a walk till you reach the Wawel Hill. First, discover the history of the Royal Castle, which was the cultural center of Poland until the 16th century. Krakow’s pride is the Cathedral. Since 14th century this extraordinary place was a witness of coronations and funerals. Admire the beautiful Sigismund’s Chapel, an emblem of the Tuscan Renaissance. Listen to the tale about Krakus, a Polish prince, who defeated the Wawel Dragon and set the city on the slain dragon’s lair. You can climb down and see the lair by yourself!


5-hour route

This route contains 3-hour route and Kazimierz, a historical district tied closely with the Jewish culture. During the tour you will see the most important places connected with Jewish culture. Synagogue: Old, Remuh, Tempel, Kupa, Wolf Popper, Isaac’s and the High represent wide architectural styles in Europe. Some of them are still active. Remuh cemetery has well-preserved tombstones and is one of the most beautiful Jewish cemetery in Europe. During the walk also you visit the Pharmacy under the Eagle conspiracy place during World War II.


7-hour route

This route contains 5-hour route and the Oskar Schindler’s Factory. This former enamel factory is a host of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. Museum presents Jewish rural life in 20th century. During World War II Oskar Schindler saved more than 1000 people from deportation and transportation to concentration camps. Schindler’s List – a famous Steven Spielberg’s movie is based on this story.



The prices include only guide service. Entrance fees are extra paid.

Below you can find prices for 1 – 10 persons. Prices for groups consisting of more than 10 persons are set individually. Prices do not include tickets for public transport.

 English  Spanish/ Italian/ Russian/ German  Portugese  Chinese/ Turkish/ Arabic  Other languages 
 3h  110EUR 120EUR 130EUR 230EUR On request
 5h  130EUR 140EUR 150EUR 260EUR
 7h  150EUR 160EUR 170EUR 290EUR


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