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Gdansk is the birthplace of the „Solidarity” („Solidarnosc”) movement. Its leader Lech Walesa – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, played a major role in bringing an end to communist rule. This beautiful city on the Baltic coast is Poland’s principal seaport. The city has a complex political history with periods of Polish rule, periods of German rule, and extensive self-rule, with two spells as a free city. In narrow street guests will find climatic shops with handmade amber jewellery.

Your hotel in Torun Gdansk&Sopot&Gdynia Everyday 8:00-9:00 21:00 – 22:00

This tour starts in Torun. You will be picked up by our English speaking driver from your hotel. You will go to Gdansk by our minibus or train. You will have 7-8 hour tour around Tricity (Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia). Afterwards, driver/guide will transfer you for the lunch in a local restaurant either. After the tour you will come back to Torun around 21:00 – 22:00.

What you will see during this tour to Tricity?

To get the best walking tour around Gdansk, you must have a visit Old Town area, pass the Coal Market (Targ Węglowy), do not miss the Museum of Amber there. You will go through the richly decorated Golden Gate and you will enter the Long Market leading to the Green Gate. You will look around to admire the Artus Court, a meeting place of merchants and a centre of social life, whose hayday falls into the 16th and 17th century. You will try to spot as well the colorful Dutch House (Dom Holenderski) and have break by the Neptun’s Fountain. Last but not least, visit the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the largest brick church in the world!

After tour in Gdansk, you proceed to Sopot where you go through famous Heroes of Monte Cassino Street. You will see unusually shaped building ”Crooked house” and you will have stroll along the pier which is the longest wooden one in Europe. Then you will proceed to Gdynia where you will see beautiful three-masted frigate “Dar Pomorza” (Gift of Pomerania) called the White Frigate where is now museum with interesting exhibitions about it’s history, destroyer Błyskawica and finally have stroll along the pier.


– driver: English speaking

– guide in Tricity: English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German (other languages on request)

Prices start from 86EUR and they depend on the number of participants. We are trying to have as many travelers at one time, from different hotels in Torun, in order to give you better price.


86EUR/person – 8 people

93EUR/person – 7 people

100EUR/person – 6 people

110EUR/person – 5 people

125EUR/person – 4 people

147EUR/person – 3 people

195EUR/person – 2 people

340EUR/person – 1 person

Private tour +15% to your price if you require that no other people join your tour.

Price includes:

  • transportation by car/minibus
  • pick up from your hotel
  • English speaking driver
  • guide in Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot)
  • entrance fee to pier in Sopot
  • lunch composed of typical Polish soup (e.g. zurek), main course (e.g. pierogi, chicken, fish), water

To order this tour or ask more details please fill in the form below and we will contact you shortly.



FAQ Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia tour from Torun


    How much does the tour cost?
    It depends on the number of participants. We are trying to have as many travelers for each tour as possible. We gather the group so even if you are alone and there are 7 other people you pay only 86 EUR. However, if there are e.g. 3 people including you the price is 147EUR

    Why I have to pay 340 euros if the price starts from 86 euros?
    This is the price for one person if only one person goes for the tour. If we have more people for a tour the price decreases accordingly to the number of participants.

    Do I need to pay a deposit?
    No, you don’t need to pay a deposit. You will pay to the driver in cash (EUR or PLN). Please note that driver does not have terminal to accept payments with the credit cards.

    How to book the tour?
    To order the tour please fill the form in our website or send us e-mail, and we will contact you shortly, you can also call us at +48 604 704 685.


    How many people maximum can join the tour?
    There is no maximum, if there is 8 people or more the price will be 86EUR

    Is it possible to do the tour alone?
    Yes, if you are the only one person for the tour and there is no other participants the price will be 340EUR

    We are a group of 5 persons, do we have to join with others customers?
    You can but you do not have to. You can have a private tour just for your group or join other travelers as long as we have other bookings for the chosen day.


    When will I know the hour of the departure?
    If you order a private tour the starting time is usually 8AM but for your special wish we can change it.
    If you join the group we will confirm the starting time 1 day before by e-mail and sms if you had provided us your phone number.

    How long is the road trip? How far Gdansk is from Gdynia?
    The travel from Torun to Gdansk is about 2,5h and from Gdansk to Gdynia about 40min.

    How long is the visit of Tricity?
    The Tricity tour is 7-8h, including Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

  • FOOD

    Do you provide breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    We recommend to have a breakfast before the tour. We only provide lunch. We don’t provide dinner.

    What is included in the lunch menu?
    Usually lunch is composed of chicken or tomato soup, main course (chicken, porkor fish). Please inform your driver ahead if you have any special needs (allergy etc.)


    I want to stay in Gdansk after Tricity tour, is it possible?
    Yes, it is possible, please contact us for more details. Please specify if you want us to book hotel or any other services for you.

    Do we have free time?
    Yes there is some free time, depending on the traffic on the road, usually about 30-60 minutes.

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