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Despite the fact that the popularity of Oswiecim (German: Auschwitz) is built mostly on the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp located there, the town has a lot to offer besides that tragic yet incredible tourist site. There are no flights to Oswiecim, but as it is only a 1-hour drive from Krakow, you can easily fly to the former Polish capital first. Auschwitz is an adorable little town where you can find several walking routes with little cafes and restaurants to try some local food at, or gift shops selling souvenirs from the region. You should definitely visit Oswiecim Castle - one of the city's historic attractions preserved from the 13th century. Additionally, in the center of the town, a beautiful Main Square ("Rynek") is located, surrounded by tenement houses typical for Polish cities. History lovers will find here a vast number of stories from different ages, as well as traces of the decades-long coexistence of two cultures - Polish and Jewish. What is more, you cannot miss the St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Monastery in nearby Hermęże. You will be touched by the amazing story of a man who gave his life to a fellow prisoner in Auschwitz concentration camp.

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