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Wolf's Lair is Adolf Hitler’s war headquarters where he lived between June 1940 until November 1944. It is located nearby a town of Ketrzyn in the heart of the Masuria Lake District. It is a huge complex of 250 ha which consists of around 200 objects: barracks, shelters and bunkers, as well as two airports and a railway station. Power and water supply systems, asphaltic and concrete roads and  lighting system made the complex a self-sufficient town in the middle of the forest, where Hitler is claimed to have spent more than 800 days. The complex even had a hair salon, cinema, sauna and a teahouse. Our guide will tell you about everyday life in the Lair and about many crucial decisions which were made here e.g. about creation of concentration camps. Although the retreating German troops blew up the whole complex in 1945, it is now preserved in a good condition, especially some of the bunkers inhabited by German dignitaries, for example the Goering bunker. On July 20th 1944 a famous assassination attempt took place in Wolf's Lair. You will visit the exact place where a German officer (Claus Von Stauffenberg) tried to kill Adolf Hitler by letting a bomb burst. The explosion killed four people. Hitler survived with his clothes singed, a cut to his hand and damaged ear drums. The assassination plot was depicted in the movie "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise. 

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