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4 Seasons of the year in Poland

Do you like sunny and warm weather? Or maybe quite the opposite – you feel great during a cold winter, when there is a hard freeze outside? Regardless of your preferences, one thing you can be sure of: weather in Poland encourages to travel all year round!

If you are still wondering when the best time is to go on a journey through Poland, take a look at our short guide. Here you will find – among other things – answers to the following questions:

  • What is the weather like in spring, summer, autumn and winter?
  • When to go on a journey to avoid crowds?


Poland lies in the temperate climate zone – this means that in our country you won’t experience powerful hurricanes, arctic cold or heat of the Sahara (although we must admit that due to climate change it is getting warmer and warmer each year). Instead, there are 4 unique seasons – each season lasts three months and offers something special.

Look at the map showing the average yearly temperatures (“Średnia roczna temperatura”). As you can see the warmest area of the country is the Silesian Lowland in south-western Poland, while the coldest place is the town of Suwałki in the north-eastern part of the country. The average annual temperature is about 6-8 degrees Celsius while the rainfall is estimated at 700 mm.


Not without reason, the favorite season of many Poles is spring, which runs from 22 March to 21 June. That’s when nature comes to life, it is getting warmer and the air is filled with amazing fresh fragrances.

Spring is the perfect time to relax and travel. The list of places that are worth seeing during this amazing season is very long. We particularly recommend:

Visit to Białowieża Forest. See for yourself how nature and animals awake to life after a long winter break.

Tour around Poland, like for example „Southern Adventure“ organized from May 2017. It begins in Warsaw, where guests are transported to the most important and beautiful places in the southern part of the country.


Summer is the period with the highest temperatures and the largest number of tourists. At the end of June children start their holidays and many Polish families go on vacation for several weeks. They usually choose the Baltic sea, mountains and Masurian Lake District.

Summer encourages active leisure. Here are some of our suggestions on how to spend your summer vacation:

Gdańsk and Malbork tour
from Warsaw which combines the beautiful Polish coast with a visit to the amazing brick castle of Malbork.
Viewing helicopter flights in Warsaw is a great occasion to admire our beautiful capital from the sky.
Trekking or kayaking in Poland because as we know – “a healthy spirit is a healthy body”


Many people believe that autumn is the most beautiful period of the year. The landscape changes significantly but the weather is still encouraging. Here’s what you can do during the autumn days:

Visit Polish cities: Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław and others (but honestly, every season is good to visit Polish cities!)
Zakopane tour from Kraków. Ride the funicular to the top of Gubałówka mountain, walk along Krupówki or visit wooden houses in Chochołów!


The temperature in winter drops below 0 degrees. The world is covered with snow, but it doesn’t mean that you should stay at home and wait for the arrival of the new season. On the contrary, it is the perfect time for:

Cross country skiing – there are a lot of beautiful places where you can fully enjoy this activity
Feeding wild animals, like bisons for example, in Białowieża

As you can see, there are many reasons why Poland should be on your list of travel destinations all year round!

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